Hypnos IV starter set with 6 Eh+temp probes

The starter set consists of a fully configured Hypnos IV with all consumables, 1 reference electrode and 6 sturdy redox and temperature probes (30cm, sensors in tip, 5m cable). The set is delivered with the manual and is fully operational after connecting the batteries.


Q: Can I add other probes to this set?

A: Yes, but only after you have fully purchased and used this set. The Hypnos is made to suit all users with 48 redox channels and 50 temperatures. You can add other probes later, re-using parts of the hardware. In most cases you will need to get new references and a new casing with waterproof connectors. Just contact us for options, mentioning your Hypnos ID, and explain your (changed) needs.

Q: Is this the only starter set?

A: Yes. This set will allow you to start quickly and measure at 6 locations/depths. If you need a more advanced setup, then fill out the contact form and specify your experimental setup.

Q: Is this set cheaper than all seperate items?

A: Yes. We put a lot of efford in configuring the ideal combination of probes and logger for you. This set cuts back the time needed for those e-mail conversations, and we will reward you with a discount. This also means no adjustments can be made to this set.

Q: Do I need to buy this set before I can add other probes?

A: No. Please fill out the contact form and detail your experimental setup. Then we can help in finding the best combination of probes and loggers for you.

Q: How do I order this set?

A: Use the contact form, and mention that you order the starterset with 6 Eh/Temp probes. See the order guideline in the FAQ.

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